The question of what my career will be is a hard one to answer. You see, my answer is not the typical answer someone might give. I want my life to be 100% spent in service of my Savior. And I know that throughout this whole unit I’ve been learning that every follower of Jesus is called to ministry regardless of their vocation. But my heart longs for a vocational ministry, for them to be one and the same; for my entire life to be composed of knowing Jesus and making Him known.

I want to lead worship. I want to go into dark places and bring the Light of the World to them. My heart is drawn to young women; to bring them the hope their hearts long for and to show them the love that has ravished my heart. I want to see healing come to the broken, the sick, and the needy. I want to see the dead come to life; in a literal and a spiritual sense. I want to be a part of God’s moving in this generation. 

I believe that God has me here for a reason, even though sometimes I wish that I wasn’t. And so, because of that very reason, I want my entire life to be spent bringing Him glory and sharing Him with the world. I want to plant churches, write books about His love, write songs about His grace and power, and to invest in people because He has loved me and set me free. I know that He will provide financially for me and for all of my needs. I want to have a big house with rooms that can become safe places for people who have no where else to go. I want it to be a project of restoration; not only because I love old things, but because it will be a beautiful example of the restoration that I believe God is calling me to share. The same restoration He has shared with me.

My life will not be an ordinary one. My plans are not ones that are easy to express with those who ask. But they are what makes my heart soar. I know that my God has placed me here, in this world, for such a time as this. I will walk by faith and see Him come through like the wonderful Warrior that He is.

(Source: thereisabetterway)