I walked into the brightly colored nursery where he had been for a good amount of time before my shift came, and he ran up to me. We’d never met before but he wanted me to hold him. I picked him up and he almost immediately fell asleep hugging me close, as his daddy’s funeral service began in the sanctuary just across the hall. He was so precious. As his head rested on my chest I looked down into his handsome face and realized this little boy doesn’t even realize he’s going to grow up without his papa. The parts he played in today’s events were only little interruptions in his day, distracting from the reality of lots of family, toys, and loving hugs. I couldn’t help but realize that brokenness begins early. And as he clung to me for rest, my heart cried for him. It was one of those moments my heart will never forget; a snapshot my mind took to treasure forever. God placed me in that nursery to hold this little boy, but also so the little boy could hold me. I do not understand my God’s ways, I don’t always know what the heck is going on; but regardless of that I cannot ignore His tender hand as He places the streams in the desert. I cannot ignore His love as He gives my broken heart little hugs through a child who’s broken as well. I still trust my Jesus because in that moment I heard Him whisper "This is important." and my heart connected with this little boy who doesn’t even know he’s broken yet.

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