You will not be a loser if you’re below average in school.
The world won’t end if you don’t finish your school work on time.
Jesus can still use you in worship, like He promised, even if music theory sometimes makes you cry.
Jesus is still going to use you, regardless of how weak you are.
When you tell Jesus that you’re going to let Him have control, why don’t you actually give Him control?
It’s okay to sleep.
Stop worrying about time flying by, the best is yet to come.

You don’t suck, and you’re not a loser.

It’s okay to not have it all figured out or together, because you belong to the One who does.
He’s got this. He told you He did, and tell me: can He lie?

No, no He cannot.

So chill.

Because you’re life is not going to start once you get it all together; your life is not going to begin once school ends. Your life is now.

You know that because He told you that.

Go ahead. Walk on water. Live on water. Walk in the Spirit. Live in the Spirit.

Abundant life is yours already. 

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